The Dream to be heard...

This is probably the dream of every musician out in the world.  No matter where you are or where you come from, your goal is to be heard.  Your style may change, your instrument may change, you just want to be heard.  And as the medium changes,  your dream is to be heard.

This is where we come in.

We here at Interactive Music Productions knew we could make a difference when Harmonix announced the RockBand Network.  We are working with several bands in our local and regional scenes to help give them greater exposure and an entirely new connection to their fans.  Let's not forget a potential new revenue stream.

The world is more connected now then ever.  This allows us to share our skills with that world.  We are able to work with any band that has their own music and dreams to be heard.  You supply the song, we handle the rest.

We are a small group at this time, but have the hopes to grow as this new medium grows.  We are a few individuals working side by side to get the music heard.  There are many companies out there that can help and, if you don't choose us, please choose someone or get yourself on the network.  Here at Interactive Music Productions we believe nothing is more important than being heard.

Never lose the dream...

Christopher M. Lugo
Owner/Lead Author
Interactive Music Productions, LLC